IUU Fishing and MCS Effort

IUU stands for illegal, unregulated or unreported. IUU has become the generic acronym used to describe fishing activity which contravenes national or international agreements and management measures, although each component element (illegal, unregulated or unreported) are also individually defined. IUU fishing is considered a great threat to the biodiversity of the oceans and both the sustainability of fish stocks and of communities who depend on fishing for their livelihood.

MCS stands for monitoring control and surveillance. MCS describes all the activities which national authorities and the relevant international organisations (like NEAFC) undertake to combat IUU fishing. Each of the component elements (monitoring, control or surveillance) can also be individually defined. MCS activity is designed to preserve the economic environmental and social benefits gained from the utilisation of fishery resources.

Within the NEAFC regulatory area fishing vessels must abide by both the current management measures and the NEAFC Scheme of Control and Enforcement. Vessels which fail to do so can be considered to be participating in IUU fishing.

Icelandic Inspection team